In this series entitled Que Te Vaya Bien (a phrase we heard everywhere throughout this trip), we toured some peculiar places in Chile and Uruguay. We faced a giant sleepy volcano right next to one of the most modern-looking cities in Latin America. Then, we met the strength of resilient and nostalgic people who live in their daily lives a solemn struggle between surrendering to progress and maintaining the pace that made them who they are.

We sensed a relationship of devotion and fear inside of us and between us and the great elements of nature. What became evident was that —although we move away from nature in our large urban centers, such as Santiago— the monumental richness of rocks, rivers, animals and plants still exists among us as an integral part of our lives. Be it the converted mineral in building facades, our domesticated friends or the vegetation like gardens that mimic the beauty we leave behind in the wild.

Our intention is to show, through the association of opposing images, that everything is interconnected and belongs in here as an important part of the whole, regardless of whether we believe it or not.